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new GW-denial commentary in ICMS

A Certain Relative sent me an oh-so-humorous piece (from townhall.com, no less) listing all the things we could be doing as concerned citizens to help increase global warming since, you know, it's so cold this month.

He had been fretting intensively a couple of weeks ago that I seemed to be angry at him personally -- because of all the angry responses I had sent to his friendly and/or humorous forwards on the subjects of Glenn Beck, the evils of ACORN, Bill Clinton and affordable housing being responsible for the economic crash, etc. -- so I decided I needed to spoon-feed him and try to explain exactly why this sort of thing is upsetting and not terribly funny, no matter how witty it may be.

I'm currently taking bets on which stock response I'll get. The prime candidates are:
* You really spend too much time on this sort of thing.
* Well, it's not been proven that the science is any good.
* Do you really believe that Exxon is spending millions of dollars for propaganda?
* You seem pretty passionate about this sort of thing.
* Calm down! It was just for your amusement.