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woozle ([personal profile] woozle) wrote2017-01-14 05:55 am

coding projects quick status overview

The status of Friendica on this site is that it needs at least:
* upgrade to latest version (currently 3.3.1; latest is 3.5
* SSL certificate, and force use of https:

Both of those things are on hold until I do the big server migration I'm planning Real Soon Now, to upgrade to the latest (LTS at least) Ubuntu and have a separate dev server so my work on Ferreteria and VbzCart doesn't take down existing tools.

...and that migration is on hold until I get VbzCart working so I can open the store and start working on InstaGov-related stuff, such as a social network with proper reputation management.

...and working on that is why I'm up at 5:50 on a Saturday (I usually get up earlier).

P.S. I could make a video of trying to properly format that list (at the top) using HTML; it would be amusing in a facepalm kind of way. You'll note that I gave up and went back to asterisks.

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